Taxi Fare will be adjusted in Beijing on June 10


June 9, 2013

Taxi Fare to be adjusted in Beijing on June 10, 2013

Beijing Development and Reform Commission today published the Announcement on Adjusting Taxi Fare of Beijing.

Starting from June 10, the taxi fare of Beijing will be raised. According to the new standard, the starting price within 3 km will be increased to RMB13.00 instead of the former RMB10.00. The unit price per km will also go up from the present RMB2.00 to the new RMB2.30.The current fuel surcharge standard is RMB3.00 per trip, which is only charged for the distance of over 3km.After the adjustment, it will be replaced by a flat price of RMB1.00 per trip.

Meanwhile, special fees such as low-speed driving and waiting fees as well as appointment-call services during the morning and evening rush hours are also within the coverage of this adjustment.
In the morning period of 07:00-09:00 and evening period of 17:00-19:00, additional fare of 2km every 5 minutes will be charged as the low-speed waiting fees. The appointment-call service fee for more than 4 hours in advance will be RMB6.00 per time. For less than 4 hours in advance, the appointment-call service fee will be RMB5.00 per time.